Monetary Leis
Monetary Leis can be special ordered
and are very unique to present as a
gift. Please email for more information
if you are interested in a money lei
Base price for monetary leis start at
$30.00 depending on style + amount of
denomination you would like the lei to be.

Please email for more information.
Melokia Designs
Swan river Daisy Lei
Beautifully crafted lei using 5/8" satin ribbon.  Each 2 1/2"
piece is carefully twisted and sewn to create this beauty.
An additional use of fuzzy yarn in coordinating colors in
between "petals" to enhance the uniqueness of this lei.  

Please allow 2 weeks for this to be made...if you need
sooner, please email if rush is available for additional price.
Can be made in many color combinations.

Email us for your custom colors.
Click here for custom leis.
Color Choices:
Crocus Lei
This lei is beautifully with 1/8"
ribbon and and accent of
1/16" ribbon.  Consult with me
regarding your color choices
to create this unique lei.

Please allow 2 weeks for this
to be constructed to your
Color Choices: